Citizen of metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia for years and years

As an Atlantan, I want to represent you at the state level.

I am a resident of district # 38 and have been for a few years.   I’ve lived in more than one in and around the city of Atlanta and Cobb county.     I am continue to look around and I doing or looking for ways on what I can do and ways to improve my area.    I see that there are some areas that are less developed than other areas.  I know that there are other problems in the more developed areas as well.

For those reasons, I am asking you to consider me to help with resolving some of the bigger issues.   I want to make our communities safer.  I want to help with getting our community to become more technologically advanced.  I want to see our community, district # 38, increase with more small businesses, other businesses, and job opportunities for the people of district # 38.

Our Issues

As a health insurance agent, I emailed a proposal to our current state senator of district #38 health insurance and insurance expenditures that contribute to rising health insurance premiums.   My health insurance premiums rose this year and I’m sure yours rose as well.   The proposal was presented to the current state senator to be introduced as a bill, but I received no response.   

I’m interested in the following issues:  too many solicitation calls; telephone termination billing issue; a safer community; more businesses and new businesses; new programs or groups or networks on positive influences on at-risk persons; better management of finance issues including health issues, etc.

Our Goals

If we know our goals, then we can work toward achieving our goals.  I want to be part of the process at the state level.   My goal is to vote on legislation that will be beneficial to my constituents in district #38 and balancing that with legislation for the state of Georgia.   

In addition, I want to be helping with partnerships at the private-public level.   If we need to form a partnership, then I want to use myself and the resources available to help with getting additional programs for the better of the community, more specific district # 38.  I want to be known as a person who “made” a difference.

Our Future

The future is now and I want to be a part of the process.  I’ve been working and doing my part, though it may be small such as attending neighborhood planning unit (npu) meetings and participating in other activities.  There are so many activities, projects, etc. that I want to complete.  I’ve had to narrow it down to something that’s manageable.   I think I need to focus on activities, projects, etc. that will matter most to you, but that will be the best for you.  I think the major difference between my opponents and I is that I want to do more than they and probably will accomplish and achieve more these tasks and activities, if you want me to. 

 Not only am I concerned about the safety of our community, but I want each one of us to succeed and strive to be our very best.   I am so supportive of persons who want to be their very best.   

I am really “big” on technology, so much so that I want our community including district # 38 to be known as the “silicon valley of the southeast”.   I want more technology companies and startups in this area.  I want to see us grow, even more.